C07 RPM Indicator

C07 RPM Indicator

The RPM Indicator, also known as a tachometer, is a crucial instrument used to measure the rotational speed of an engine or any rotating machinery. It provides real-time feedback on the revolutions per minute (RPM) at which the engine or equipment is operating. It is widely employed in various industries to monitor and control rotational speed, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and safety.

• Accurate and real-time RPM measurement
• Contactless speed sensing
• Digital readout on non-blinking display
• Rapid sampling rate
• DIN Standard, epoxy coated panel mounting metal enclosures
• Wide measurement range for versatile applications
• Reliable and precise readings with ±1 RPM accuracy
• Optional communication capabilities for data logging
• Easy installation and operation

Industry Use Case

1. Power Plants: Optimize energy production and operational efficiency by monitoring rotational speed in turbines and generators.
2. Automotive Industry: Ensure optimal engine performance and prevent mechanical damage with RPM monitoring in vehicles.
3. Manufacturing Plants: Maintain product quality and prevent machinery damage by monitoring RPM in motors and machinery.
4. Marine and Aviation: Ensure safe and efficient operation of marine vessels and aircraft by monitoring engine RPM and propeller speed.
5. Research and Development: Conduct experiments and optimize processes with precise RPM monitoring in research and development activities.

• Monitor engine RPM in automobiles for optimal performance and maintenance
• Control and monitor rotational speed in manufacturing processes for quality assurance
• Ensure safe operation and performance of turbines and generators in power plants
• Track and optimize propeller speed in marine vessels and aircraft
• Conduct research and development activities requiring precise RPM monitoring
• Enhance competitiveness and performance in motorsports with accurate RPM feedback

An RPM Indicator, or tachometer, is a special tool that tells us how fast something is spinning. It helps us keep things safe and working well.
An RPM Indicator, or tachometer measures the speed of a moving part in RPM.
Words for visualization and artwork:
• Gears
• Wheel
• Speed
• Turbine

• RPM Indicator
• Tachometer
• Rotational Speed Monitor
• Engine RPM Gauge
• Real-time RPM Measurement
• Speedometer for Rotating Things

Standard Specifications
Can be made to order as per user’s requirement.

Input SignalFrom Magnetic Pickup RPM Sensor
Measurement RangeRefer Variants Table
Display Type7 Segment / Dot LED
Display ColorRed
Accuracy Refer Variants Table
ResolutionRefer Variants Table
Sampling RateAdjustable (1-5 seconds)
Power Supply 230 V AC +/- 10%
MountingPanel mount or handheld
CommunicationRS-485, Modbus protocol (optional)
Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C
Relay o/p 2 High and Low Cutoff
Power Consumption 5W
Panel MS Powder Coated


[TC04E] Digital Tachometer with RPM Sensor (Rotary Encoder i/p) 1[TC01R] Digital Tachometer with RPM Sensor 1[TC02R] Digital Tachometer with RPM Sensor 2″[TC04R] Digital Tachometer with RPM Sensor 4″[TC01P] Digital Tachometer with Settable High Low Trips and RPM Sensor
Measurement Rangeup to 9.00 rpm;0 to 9999 rpm0 to 9999 rpm0 to 9999 rpm0 to 9999 rpm
Display 3 digit4 digits4 digits4 digits 4 digits
Output (Optional) 4 to 20 mA4 to 20 mA4 to 20 mA 4 to 20 mA 4 to 20 mA
Panel size72 x 144 mm72 x 144 mm144 x 288 mm 175 x 415 x 100 mm92 x 184 mm
Digit height 25 mm25 mm50 mm100 mm 25 mm
Additional FeaturesSuitable for very low rpm
Input from rotary encoder
High and Low trip settings through push buttons Two sets changeover contacts …one for each trip setting