C03 Process Indicator

C03 Process Indicator

Electro-Med’s PRxx Process Indicator is a family of microcontroller based 4 1/2 digit and 5 digit process indicators, for 4-20mA signal input.

They sense signal from any closed loop current source and display the corresponding value of data.They can be interfaced with SCADA/PLC using analog retransmission output for process automation.They are used to display process parameters like flow rate, temperature, level speed, pH, power generation, temperature, pressure etc at remote locations in the plant.

Additional features like high/low limit settings, both side display etc can also be given if required. We have the facility to custom build the indicator to include any other feature required by the customer.

• Push buttons for on-site programming
• Senses value from any closed loop sensor
• Fully automatic operation
• 4-20 mA signal retransmission (Optional)
• Both Side Display (Optional)
• RS485 Communication (Optional)

• Process value measurement
• Jumbo Display in plant area
• Boiler Room
• Control Room Display
• Temperature & process indication
• Pressure/ Level/ Flow Monitoring
• Plastics moulding/extrusion temperature monitoring
• Heat treatment – furnace temperature monitoring
• Weighing platform Remote Process Supervision

Industry Use Case
1. Energy: Displaying voltage, current, power output, and energy consumption in power generation facilities for efficient monitoring and maintenance.
2. Sugar: Display parameters such as flow rate, temperature, sugar concentration etc during production process.
3. Manufacturing: Monitoring temperature, pressure, flow rate, and level for quality control and process optimization in manufacturing plants.
4. Chemical and Petrochemical: Monitoring temperature, pressure, pH, and fluid levels to ensure safe and efficient production processes in chemical and petrochemical industries.
5. Water Treatment: Tracking water flow, turbidity, pH, and chlorine levels to ensure compliance with quality standards in water treatment plants.
6. Food and Beverage: Controlling temperature, pressure, and ingredient proportions for precise process control during production in the food and beverage industry.
7. Pharmaceutical: Monitoring temperature, pressure, and concentration during pharmaceutical manufacturing to ensure adherence to strict quality standards.
8. Oil and Gas: Monitoring pressure, temperature, and flow rates for effective control and optimization of extraction and refining processes in the oil and gas sector.

Can be made to order as per user’s requirement.

RegularOptional (Made to Order)
Input4-20 mA0-20 mA 0-2 VDC
Display Size½ Inch, 1 Inch, 2 Inch, 4 Inch, 6 Inch, 8 Inch, 12 Inch Refer Display Size Table
Digits44 1/2 Digit 5 Digit
Type Jumbo
Range 0-9999 (4 Digits)ii. 0-99999
iii. -9999 to 9999
iv. -1999 to 1999
Resolution0.0001 to 1 count depending on the range.
Decimal PointField Settable
Display ColorRedGreen,White
Channels 1Upto 32
Output Signal4-20 mA Retransmission MODBUS RS485 MODBUS TCP/IP
Limit SettingsSeparate relays for high and low limit settings
Power Supply 230 V AC +/- 10%110V AC +/- 10% 24V DC
Mounting Wall Mounting / Roof Hanging
IP Rating IP54IP65, IP67
Enclosure MS Powder Coated

Display Specifications

PhotoSingle Side Display modelBoth Side Display modelDisplay HeightOptimal Viewing Distance Cabinet Size** For 1 Channel, Single Side Display
PR005P0.5 Inch4 meter48 x 96 mm
PR01P1 Inch8 meter72 x 144 mm
PR02P2 Inch25 meter144 x 288 mm
PR04PPR04PDS4 Inch75 meter175 x 460 x 100 mm
PR06PPR06PDS 6 Inch100 meter230 x 700 x 80 mm
PR08PPR08PDS 8 Inch 125 meter285 x 800 x 80 mm
PR12PPR12PDS 12 Inch 200 meter 475 x 1270 x 80 mm

Standard Model Specifications
Electro-Med’s PRxx Process Indicator is a microcontroller-based device for 4-20mA signal input. It displays process parameters remotely, connects to SCADA/PLC for automation, and offers customization options.

• Push buttons for on-site programming
• Senses value from any closed loop sensor
• Fully automatic operation

Common Spec

Process Indicator 4 Digit (PRXXP)Process Indicator 5 Digit (PR5XXP)
Input4-20 mA4-20 mA
Display SizeFrom Model SpecificationFrom Model Specification
Type Jumbo Jumbo
Range 0-9999 (4 Digits)0-99999 (5 Digit)
Resolution0.0001 to 1 count depending on the range.0.0001 to 1 count depending on the range.
Decimal PointSettable via Push ButtonsSettable via Push Buttons
Display ColorRedRed
Power Supply 230 V AC +/- 10%230 V AC +/- 10%
Mounting Wall Mounting / Roof HangingWall Mounting / Roof Hanging
IP RatingIP54IP54
Enclosure MS Powder CoatedMS Powder Coated

Model Specification

PhotoModel Display HeightOptimal Viewing DistanceCabinet Size Net Weight (kg) Basic PriceFreight + 18% GST Extra
YesPR02P 2 Inch25 meter144 x 288 mm2.85500
YesPR04P 4 Inch 75 meter175 x 460 x 100 mm3.87250
YesPR04PDS 4 Inch75 meter175 x 460 x 200 mm711600
YesPR06P6 Inch100 meter230 x 700 x 80 mm3.97750
YesPR06PDS6 Inch100 meter230 x 700 x 160 mm7.512400
YesPR04PDS 8 Inch125 meter285 x 800 x 80 mm4.19250
YesPR08PDS 8 Inch125 meter1285 x 800 x 160 mm7.814000
YesPR12P 12 Inch200 meter475 x 1270 x 80 mm15000
PR504P 4 Inch75 meter175 x 575 x 100 mm4.810750
PR506P 6 Inch100 meter230 x 875 x 80 mm 511750
PR508P 8 Inch125 meter285 x 1000 x 80 mm5.312500