Full Color Video Wall

Full Color Video Wall

The Full Color LED Display Board is an advanced visual communication solution that offers vibrant and eye-catching displays for a wide range of applications. Combining cutting-edge LED technology with exceptional color reproduction capabilities, this display board provides an immersive and dynamic viewing experience for both indoor and outdoor environments.


Full Color LED Board vs Single (Red) Color LED Board
AdvantageFull Color LED BoardSingle (Red) Color LED Board
Color ReproductionDisplays vibrant, true-to-life colorsLimited to displaying red color only
Visual ImpactCaptivating and attention-grabbingLess visually striking
VersatilitySuitable for various content typesLimited to specific applications
Creative ExpressionAllows for dynamic and engaging designsRestricted in design possibilities
Enhanced CommunicationConveys information with visual clarityLimited visual representation
Branding OpportunitiesEnables brand recognition and recallMinimal branding potential
Visual AppealCreates immersive and memorable experiencesLacks visual richness and depth
FlexibilitySupports diverse advertising campaignsRestricts creative flexibility

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Things to Consider while buying LED Display Board

The location where the LED video wall should be installed is the deciding factor if it must be an indoor or an outdoor LED video wall. Based on this the size, structure, pixel pitch, resolution, price, etc is decided.
While selecting the size of the display, keep in mind the area of your indoor or outdoor space. Outdoor locations will require large size LED displays as the viewing distance will be more, whereas medium size LED displays will be appropriate for indoor spaces.
The structure for each LED screen differs and requires customised fabrication according to their size and space available. There are various kinds of structures available for different locations like wall mounting, stand-alone, suspended structure, etc.
Content plays a huge role in deciding the LED screen display. If you want to play 4K content, then the LED video wall should be a 4K compatible one. If a person wants to show advertisements, then digital billboards are the correct displays for it.
Before buying an LED video wall from any supplier, it is very necessary to ensure that the LED video wall is of good quality. A BIS certification is provided to each supplier after their LED video wall has undergone a quality check by the Bureau of Indian Standards.
Choosing a supplier who provides support as well as on-time maintenance service for LED video wall is a must. The life span, how well the LED video wall is maintained and repaired to chip level should be provided by the supplier itself.


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