A02 Single Color Video Wall

A02 Single Color Video Wall

The Red Color LED Display Board is a high-quality electronic signage solution designed to captivate your audience with vivid and dynamic visuals. Its vibrant red LEDs create an eye-catching display that is perfect for attracting attention and conveying information effectively. Whether used indoors or outdoors, this LED display board is an ideal choice for various industry applications.

Industry Use Case

1. Retail: Grab attention and boost sales with captivating product promotions and branding displays.
2. Sports and Entertainment: Create an immersive viewing experience at stadiums, arenas, and live events.
3. Transportation: Provide real-time information, advertisements, and announcements at airports, train stations, and bus terminals.
4. Hospitality: Enhance guest experiences with interactive wayfinding, event schedules, and engaging lobby displays.
5. Corporate: Deliver impactful presentations, video walls, and information displays in office spaces and boardrooms.
6. Education: Engage students with interactive multimedia content and campus-wide communication.
7. Outdoor Advertising: Make a bold statement with large-scale outdoor displays for impactful advertising campaigns.
8. Control Rooms: Display critical data, monitoring feeds, and situational awareness in command centers.

Things to Consider while buying LED Display Board
The location where the LED video wall should be installed is the deciding factor if it must be an indoor or an outdoor LED video wall. Based on this the size, structure, pixel pitch, resolution, price, etc is decided.
While selecting the size of the display, keep in mind the area of your indoor or outdoor space. Outdoor locations will require large size LED displays as the viewing distance will be more, whereas medium size LED displays will be appropriate for indoor spaces.
The structure for each LED screen differs and requires customised fabrication according to their size and space available. There are various kinds of structures available for different locations like wall mounting, stand-alone, suspended structure, etc.
Content plays a huge role in deciding the LED screen display. If you want to play 4K content, then the LED video wall should be a 4K compatible one. If a person wants to show advertisements, then digital billboards are the correct displays for it.
Before buying an LED video wall from any supplier, it is very necessary to ensure that the LED video wall is of good quality. A BIS certification is provided to each supplier after their LED video wall has undergone a quality check by the Bureau of Indian Standards.
Choosing a supplier who provides support as well as on-time maintenance service for LED video wall is a must. The life span, how well the LED video wall is maintained and repaired to chip level should be provided by the supplier itself.

Industry Wise Use Case
1. Sugar Mill
• Display real-time production data such as sugar cane crushing rates, juice extraction efficiency, and sugar quality parameters.
• Monitor and communicate information about stock levels, storage conditions, and logistics for efficient inventory management.
• Share safety instructions, alerts, and emergency evacuation procedures to ensure the well-being of workers.
• Broadcast important announcements, training schedules, and employee recognition messages to enhance communication within the facility.

2. Power Plant
• Show real-time power generation data, including energy output, efficiency, and load distribution for monitoring and optimization purposes.
• Communicate critical information about equipment status, maintenance schedules, and safety protocols to ensure smooth operations and prevent accidents.
• Display weather conditions, energy consumption trends, and renewable energy generation statistics to promote environmental awareness.
• Provide emergency notifications, evacuation routes, and contact information during power outages or other emergencies.

3. Cement Plant
• Display production statistics, including cement kiln temperature, clinker production rates, and energy consumption for process optimization.
• Share safety guidelines, hazard warnings, and personal protective equipment (PPE) reminders to enhance workplace safety.
• Communicate real-time inventory levels, logistics updates, and delivery schedules to streamline supply chain management.
• Showcase sustainability initiatives, environmental compliance information, and community outreach programs to promote responsible business practices.

4. Chemical Plant:
• Monitor and display real-time data on chemical reactions, process parameters, and product quality to ensure product consistency and compliance.
• Communicate safety instructions, emergency shutdown procedures, and hazardous material handling protocols to mitigate risks and protect workers.
• Showcase certifications, environmental compliance, and sustainability efforts to build trust and attract environmentally conscious customers.
• Provide real-time updates on inventory levels, material availability, and production schedules to optimize procurement and production planning.

5. Oil Refinery:
• Display real-time data on oil refining processes, equipment performance, and product quality parameters to ensure efficient operations.
• Communicate safety guidelines, emergency response procedures, and evacuation routes to protect workers and nearby communities.
• Showcase compliance with industry standards, environmental regulations, and sustainability initiatives to demonstrate responsible practices.
• Provide updates on crude oil prices, market trends, and industry news to keep employees informed and engaged.

6. Advertising
• Outdoor Advertising: Utilize LED display boards for vibrant and attention-grabbing advertisements in high-traffic areas.
• Retail Promotion: Showcase products, discounts, and special offers to attract customers and boost sales.
• Digital Signage: Display dynamic and engaging content in malls, airports, and public spaces to capture audience attention.
• Event Marketing: Use LED displays to promote upcoming events, concerts, and conferences to generate buzz and increase attendance.

Advantages of Red Color LED Board:

• Lower cost compared to full color boards.
• More energy-efficient as red LEDs consume less power.
• Easy maintenance with fewer components.
• Ideal for applications requiring simple text-based messages and basic graphics.
• Good visibility from a distance.

Full Color LED Board vs Single (Red) Color LED Board

AdvantageRed Color LED BoardFull Color LED Board
Lower cost compared to full color boards
More energy-efficient
Easy maintenance
Ideal for simple text-based messages
Good visibility from a distance
Full spectrum of colors
Content flexibility
Ideal for complex images and videos
Optimal viewing experience at any distance


LED ColorRed
Pixel Pitch10mm
Brightness3500-5000 nits
Viewing Angle160 degrees (horizontal and vertical)
Refresh Rate≥1200 Hz
Module Size320mm x 320mm
Cabinet MaterialAluminum
Protection LevelIP65 (waterproof and dustproof)
Operating Temperature-20°C to 50°C
Power ConsumptionAverage: 180W/sqm, Maximum: 450W/sqm