D3 Dusk to Dawn Controller

D3 Dusk to Dawn Controller

The Dusk-to-Dawn Controller Switch is an intelligent lighting control device designed to automatically switch lights on and off based on ambient light conditions. It is an essential component for outdoor lighting systems, ensuring efficient energy consumption by activating lights only when it is dark. The controller switch employs advanced sensors to detect changes in natural light levels and switches the lighting accordingly, providing convenience, cost savings, and increased security.

• Energy-efficient lighting control
• Automatic switching based on ambient light levels
• Adjustable sensitivity and time delay settings
• Waterproof and dustproof design for outdoor use
• Easy installation and mounting options
• Overload protection for safe operation

Industry use case

1. Smart City Infrastructure: Optimize energy consumption and reduce costs by intelligently controlling street lighting based on natural light levels.
2. Security Solutions: Enhance security measures by automatically turning on outdoor lights during low-light conditions to deter potential intruders.
3. Hospitality and Tourism: Create an inviting ambiance for guests by automating landscape and pathway lighting to match the surrounding light conditions.
4. Parking Facilities: Improve safety and convenience by activating parking lot lights as dusk falls, ensuring clear visibility for drivers and pedestrians.
5. Residential Lighting: Effortlessly manage outdoor lighting for homes, enhancing curb appeal and providing a safe environment during evenings and nights.

• Outdoor lighting systems
• Street lighting
• Garden and landscape lighting
• Parking lot lighting
• Security lighting
• Building perimeters


Input Voltage100-240V AC
Power Frequency50/60 Hz
Load Capacity5 Amps to 100 Amps
Ambient Light SensitivityAdjustable threshold sensitivity
Time Delay Adjustable delay time for switching lights
Operating Temperature-20°C to +60°C
IP RatingIP65 (waterproof and dustproof)
Mounting Wall-mounted or pole-mounted options
EnclosurePower coated enclosure suitable for pole mounting
Control MethodPhotocell and microcontroller-based automatic control
Overload ProtectionBuilt-in protection against short circuits and overload
Contact rating5,10, 25 Amps.10, 16, 32 and 63 amps100 Amps
No. of polesTwoThreeThree
Switching ElementElectromagnetic Relay Electromagnetic ContactorElectromagnetic Contactor
Over load ProtectionNot providedby Miniature Circuit breakersBy HRC fuses

Standard Models
Clock Ordering Code is as follows:

ModelPolesCurrent Rating